Flash Fiction Friday #11: “Shadow in the Wind”

What is flash fiction? It’s an itty bitty story, generally under 1,000 words or 3 printed pages. Fresh fantasy and sci fi flash fiction every Friday!

*Please pardon grammar whoopsies. They will be fixed when this story is published in a collection later this year.

“Shadow in the Wind”

A Fantasy Flash Fiction


K. D. Jones


The wind howled and scraped against the boy’s ears as he climbed the mountain.

“Turn back,” the wind said, raking its icy claws against his cheeks.

“Give up,” whispered another voice.

He felt the tug of dark hands but resisted. “I can’t give up. I have to reach the top.”

“The top is too far.”

“You’ll never make it.”

“I must.”

“No, you can’t. You are just a boy.”

“My father was just a boy when he climbed this mountain.”

“He was stronger than you, smarter than you.”

The boy ignored the shadows moving amidst him. He didn’t acknowledge their glowing red eyes or mocking grins.

Sweat dampened his brow. The wind beat against him, threatening to snatch him off the jagged cliffs. Cold numbed his fingers, his toes, but he kept going.

“Stop, before you hurt yourself.”

“I’m stronger than I look.”

He gritted his teeth, climbing higher and higher as the wind shrieked and swirled.

“Give up!”


“Turn back!”

“I’ve come too far. I’m almost there.”

“You’ll fall to your death.”

“Then at least I gave it my all. I’ll know I died after never giving up.”

At last, he hurled himself, exhausted, onto the top of the mountain. He lay there a while, breathing in the crisp, clean air, and marveled at how calm it was up here. Sitting up, gazed out in wonder over the raging storm below.

It tried to stop him. But he won. He’d persisted, and he’d come out on the other side to something wonderful.

Sunshine made the clouds glow gold against the bright blue of the open sky. Up here, the air was so clean, so fresh. There was nothing but calm and peace.

And joy.

He laughed. He always knew he was strong enough to conquer the mountain.

He’d just needed to prove it to himself.

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