Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue

This sounds amazing. Can’t wait. ❤

Jennifer Silverwood

Another brand new Tuesday Teaser, feature my current WIP, Angel Blue! This will be a serialized novel, separated into five episodes. So I may be a little sparing with my teasers the next few months pre-release. Not to mention I’ll be busy with Silver Hollow release events! More on all that later 🙂 Happy reading!

Angel Blue: Episode 1 Teaser

Stray sparks from a nearby fire singe her skin and the howl of heavy winds waken her. Relief fills her when she opens her eyes to find her new guardian bent over the fireside. Their kind do not require heat. Most cringed from it, for it reminds them too much of the glory they have forgotten.

She stares at the swelled darkness that waits at the other end of the cave and wonders what else watches and waits from the shadows. Has it only been hours since the Cursed…

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