New Year, New Goals

I love this time of year, when I get to dive into all the new goals I’ve set.

The past few months brought a whirlwind of change. I moved across the country, closer to my roots. This feels oddly symbolic with my writing journey. A few months ago I returned to my writing roots, to the genre that first made me want to be a writer–epic fantasy. I made new lifestyle goals–save money and eat healthier, which I’m taking baby steps toward. I’m wrapping up a certificate in copy editing. I’m diving into new forms of storytelling. I’m learning more about technology (my day job is in the tech sector). All in all, a lot of exciting things are coming up. I feel like all these changes have come together to bring me to a pivoting point in my life. It’s both intimidating and inspiring.

Any time I make new goals, I try to leave enough wiggle room for them to grow and for me to adapt. While it’s important to stick to your goals, I feel it is equally important to realize when you need to change them. This year I intend to push myself creatively on both the writing and business fronts. I want to try things I’ve never tried before in terms of productivity and creative exploration. I want to learn more about growing a creative business. I want to read more widely (regency and steampunk are two genres I could stand to read more in).

Some of my goals:

  • Learn more about/write more short works (includes short stories and flash fiction).
  • Write three full-length novels this year in my Sleeping Beauty series.
  • Get in shape.
  • Eat better.
  • Keep a money/spending journal.
  • Get back into painting and drawing.
  • Read more.
  • Learn more about technology (for my day job).
  • Take some writing classes.
  • Launch my freelance copy editing and proofreading business. 

The theme for this year will be “growth”–professionally and spiritually. Growing means exploring new, uncharted territories. This can be scary, but I’ve found that if I’m scared, it means it’s a direction I need to go in or an opportunity I need to take. My fear is telling me I have room to grow.

Thus, using my fear as a compass, my mantra for this year will be “No Fear.”

What are some of your goals for the new year?